Where Can I Take My DogWhere Can I Take My Dog

Pretty much anywhere except an operating theatre. Local health officers say they cannot be taken into food preparation areas but they can. I usually abide by their request and dont take them into doctors and dental surgeries. Common sense is needed, that’s all. No value in rocking the boat too much and pushing the point of law doesn’t help.

Below is a picture of my dog Max visiting a friend in Sydney’ Royal North Shore Hospital intensive care unit straight after a heart operation.

This is out of the NSW Police Training Manual (dated 2014 pages 16 &17)

There is a 2017 version however there are no changes.

Source: NSW Police Handbook

Public space
Commonwealth and NSW laws allow people with a disability to be accompanied by an assistance animal on public transport and in any public space, including buildings. Public space means any building or place open to or used by the public, and any public transport.
This includes all NSWPF buildings, police stations, office buildings, restaurants, shopping centres, the airport, airplanes, trains, buses, ferries and taxis.

The worst possible thing you can do is over feed your dog. It can cut 30% off their life - seriously

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