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tips tricksHere is a collection of ideas, basic tips and tricks that may assist you so the dog can get the very best out of you. Please remember dogs are a lot smarter than many think.

Dogs go woof woof, not hello, how are you. They will be learning a foreign language and for the most part, do very well at it. It has been said dogs can understand up to 250 words. Simply put if they could talk they could in fact hold a conversation. Excuse my cynicism but that is a lot more than many people can understand!

Yes dogs can count up to 10. Yes they can differentiate between apples and oranges and banana’s. And how many in a bowl. All you have to do is teach them. Dogs actually make great students, they love learning. All you have to do is spend time with them teaching them things and believe me, you will learn a lot along the way.

The greatest asset you can have is patience and the desire to work with your dog. If there is one thing that is crucial is a great bond between you and your dog. The closer the better. They are a pack animal. Or if you like very family oriented, that means your family, they take you on board as Mum’s, Dad’s, sisters and brothers. They are part of the family unit and MUST be regarded and treated as such. Yes if you are going to have a wee wee or poo poo tell them what you are doing, they do understand. A dog sees their job as looking after their owner and will take their job quite seriously so include them in every aspect of your life. A fractured family unit is no good for a dog at all.

Have you ever heard the stories about dogs that watch you while you are sitting on the loo? Happens a lot and there is a reason for it. In the wild at dog is very vulnerable while doing their toilet thing. When a dog does go to the toilet the whole pack watches over them for safety reasons. So to be fair watch over your dog while they are toileting. The dog sees that act very differently to the way your attitudes and beliefs see it

Ever heard of “dog whisperers”? Same as a horse whisperer except with dogs. So what traits do these whisperers have that you don’t? It’s all about understanding life from their perspective. Its that simple. It’s getting inside their head to understand their thought processes and the why of it all. There are some general rules for this however pretty much all dogs are different, same as people are. That’s where the strong bond comes into things.

The worst possible thing you can do is over feed your dog. It can cut 30% off their life - seriously

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