Feeding Your DogFeeding Your Dog

We have to be very realistic about this. Trying to make your dog a vegan is simply not on at all. They are carnivores, they eat meat. Yes there are people out there that do that and in my view is animal cruelty.

Give your dog a small tin of red fish once a week for their omega 3

In the wild they may only eat twice a week – they are better than kids with pester power

dog food

Sugar and salt are a big no-no.  Chocolate is no good either, you can buy doggy chocolate. Pigs ears, they all love pigs ears.

If there is one golden rule of feeding your dog and that revolves around chickens. Under no circumstances feed your dog cooked chicken bones. They can splinter and pierce their gut. Raw chicken bones are perfectly alright.

Basically anything you can eat so can the dog.

As far as prepared dog food goes I am very anti that. While there are some Australian manufacturers who are less than reputable most are. I wont name them as they like the Chinese use polymer (plastic) as filler. Under NO circumstances buy Chinese made dog food, there are way too many nasty stories coming out of China and that involves people food as well. A very good article on this is:


There has over the years been food imported from China that has made us very ill. There was a case of baby formula that was cut with the wrong thing and killed many children in China. The people in the company responsible were hung from a very high tree using a short rope. It is big business in Australia buying Australian made formula and selling it at a huge profit back in China.

You have been warned.

Some people have a problem with some tinned dog food because it smells horrible. That’s the dogs version of filet mignon. The smellier and more rotten it smells the more the dogs like it. When feeding them chicken legs or whatever, simply throw them on the ground or in the grass. The dogs get a lot of minerals from this. Bearing in mind dogs love to bury food for 2 weeks and after its properly marinated dig it up and eat it, dirt and all. A gourmet feast for them.

The worst possible thing you can do is over feed your dog. It can cut 30% off their life - seriously

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