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Any Assistance dog has exactly the same legal rights as any guide dog – end of.

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This only applies to Assistance dogs. All other dogs are covered under the Companion Animals Act in NSW and possibly similar legislation in other states.

NSW does not have any laws that covers assistance dogs so if somebody tells you this is the law in NSW, well it wont be, that’s a certainty.

The law that apply is the Disability Discrimination Act. That’s it.

There is a legal precedent called Sheehan vs The Tin Can Bay Country Club. This one turned everything upside down.

The court in Sheehan v Tin Can Bay Country Club found a dog which
made its owner, a man with an anxiety disorder, feel more confident in
social interactions, to be an assistance dog, and to be a trained animal
because its owner had trained it; and found it to be unlawful discrimination
to prevent the dog being into public premises or to require the dog to
be kept on a leash while there. The Disability Discrimination Commissioner
regards that decision as rendering the operation of section 9 unsustainable
in its current form.

The prevailing laws of interest comes from one book and appears to be internationally accepted.

A good source of information is:

You will hear all kinds of self styled experts telling you all sorts of stories. No, a dog does not have to be retrained and re certified every year. There is no set format or even any real requirement to wear particular styles of identifying livery. It is best to have something like above on my dog, it saves fights. Some troublemaker people will want to demand to see the certification papers. While this is in the Disability Discrimination Act as being allowed Shehan makes it perfectly clear there are dogs that may not have certification papers so that is now redundant.

A great place to get this is from

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Federal Law over rides any State Law every time.

The worst possible thing you can do is over feed your dog. It can cut 30% off their life - seriously

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