Dog CommandsDog Commands

These are of no consequence. You can use whatever words you like in whatever language you choose. The criteria is that the handler knows which words to use and the dog responds appropriately. 

I had a dog once that understood Korean commands, people thought the dog was just so clever.

There are the main usual ones commonly used

  • sit or sit down or both
  • lie down or drop
  • stay, stay there or stay here or any of them – the word stay is the main word
  • heel
  • come here
  • up (as in jump up onto something)
  • and of course – down
  • go for a walk – this one they will work out very very quickly
  • go tat ta’s or whatever you use for a car trip

My preference (and that’s all it is) is to preface any command by using the dogs name. It gets the dogs attention and  prepares the dog for the actual command. As in, Fido (small pause) sit!

It may come as a surprise to many however it has been said that a dog can understand about 200 words so they actually know everything you say, they are not dumb animals at all.

The dogs ability to follow hand commands is crucial as they are very visual creatures. Ask any farmer that one rounding up sheep.

I am not real big on teaching a dog to do backward somersaults, it injures their spine over time.

Whatever you do NEVER fail to compliment the dog on following any command, good boy/girl and gush all over them, they thrive on affection.

dog hand signals

The worst possible thing you can do is over feed your dog. It can cut 30% off their life - seriously

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